Trial Visit FAQ's

We are so confident that our treatments work, we allow patients to try them risk free. The Free Trial Visit is a way for you to experience our treatments without the financial risk. After the visit if you are not satisfied, then you owe nothing. There is absolutely no obligation to continue.

The Free Trial Visit program includes:
1. Visit One: An evaluation visit (to see if you are a good candidate for the treatments)

2.  Visit Two:  One Complimentary Treatment Visit so you can see how it works.

The reason why we do this is simple. Even though we are confident in our treatments and have a high clinical success rate, we know that a small percentage of people will not benefit.

The trial visits allow both the doctor and patient to determine if the treatments will work for their particular situation.

If you do decide to continue treatment after your Free Trial Visit, our office will go over all the fee's before another treatment is given.

More questions? Click here to see our Blog for Dr. Stanley's Q&A videos on decompression therapy.
Please Note: Federally insured patients (medicare/medicaid) are not be eligible for the trial visit program, but are eligible to have a complimentary consultation with the Doctor to discuss your case.
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